Certifikace EN plus A1

Pellet and briquette manufacturer

Raw material source – Slovak spruce
We use only 100% ecological energy
Made in Slovakia
Quality guaranteed by ENplus A1 certificate
Do you want pellets that burn the best?

Pellet offer

Top quality

Thanks to the ENplus A1 certification, you can be sure of the highest quality of our pellets. Production is subject to strict control by independent audits, ensuring the premium quality of VOSTOK pellets.

Best Slovak spruce

We produce pellets from pure debarked spruce, without using any binders. Just 100% quality wood and uncompromising pellet pressing technology.

Maximum heating value without worry

With VOSTOK pellets, you get the maximum heat, which is regularly tested by the laboratory. Only half a percent of ash remains, and no slag, which is important for the maintenance and condition of your boiler.

Briquette Offer

The best briquettes are from VOSTOK

Looking for briquettes made from 100% wood? From us, you get briquettes made from pure dry sawdust and shavings without binders and chemical additives.

Calorific value 2x better than wood

The heating value of VOSTOK briquettes is at least 17 MJ/kg and their burning time is longer than 3 hours. With our briquettes, you save money, time, and storage space.

Briquettes from soft and hard wood

-    Here you can find briquettes from soft wood (cylinder) and hard wood (RUF square briquettes).

Worry-free delivery

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Did you know about us?


More than ten years on the market


We deliver to more than nine countries


Households reliably heated annually


Tons of CO2 we have already saved


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