Certifikace EN plus A1


Quality pellets ensure the highest heating value and lasting condition of the boiler.

Raw material source – Slovak spruce
We use only 100% ecological energy
Made in Slovakia
Quality guaranteed by ENplus A1 certificate
Quality pellets

Benefits for You

Highest calorific value

VOSTOK pellets achieve a calorific value of more than 17.5 MJ/kg, which ensures efficient and even heating with less fuel.

Convenient delivery including transport

We will deliver the pellets right to you, or your carrier can pick them up from us. We are ready to meet all your requirements.

With us, you are ecological

We obtain the sawdust for production as a by-product of the timber industry. So, we don't cut down any trees. Moreover, our production plant uses only 100% ecological energy. By heating with VOSTOK pellets, you reduce CO2 production and contribute to the protection of much-needed forests.

Benefits for You

What distinguishes quality pellets?

Highest quality, with a European ENplus A1 certificate.

Pellet classes

How to choose pellets?

The easiest way to navigate is by the class of pellets. According to current standards, we distinguish three classes A1, A2, and B, and there are also manufacturers who do not classify their products according to any standard – primarily manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, and similar. The highest quality of pellets is denoted by the ENplus A1 certificate. Manufacturers certified in this way are subject to strict supervision and regular production audits.

Manufacturing process

And how are the pellets made?


Spruce sawdust at the input contains about 30-70 % water (depending on the season). For the production of top-quality pellets, the moisture content of the sawdust needs to be below 12-13 %. Therefore, we dry the sawdust in an advanced belt dryer at temperatures up to 90°C. Unlike commonly used drum dryers, our dryer does not lead to the burning of sawdust, thereby reducing the potential calorific value. The dryer uses heat from a biogas power plant, making production 100% ecological.



We use two stages of crushing. In the first stage, the sawdust is homogenized with a hammer crusher, so that it ant hen be evenly dried. After drying, the sawdust is adjusted in the shredder to the desired size and fineness to achieve the necessary stable parameters of the pellets even with varying properties of the input sawdust.



The most important part of the  esistence pressing. The sawdust enters the press by a conditioner, where  esis prepared to the exact moisture and then is pushed through the matrix under high pressure into the desired shape. Due to the temperature that occurs during the pressing process and the high pressure, the pellets retain the desired shape without the addition of any binders. Thanks to the high care we devote to the entire production process, our pellets have a mechanical  esistence exceeding 99.5 %.



Fresh hot pellets are brittle, so we first let them cool. Then we remove the dust and shavings and subsequently package them for you in 15 kg bags. We stack them on a pallet, cover them with protective film, and they are ready to travel to you.


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